5 comments on “Remington 700 Police 5R Stainless “Exclusive” (SKU: 86594)

  1. Outstanding! Thanks, Scott.

    On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 1:46 PM, Sniper Country PX Blog wrote:

    > snipercountrypx posted: “Remington 700 Police 5R Stainless Exclusive, > (SKU: 86594) By Scott Powers The History: Several years ago, a Remington LE > Rep called to ask if I would be interest in selling a Limited Production, > “Sniper Country PX” rifle based on the Model 700. He had” >

  2. After much research, probably 2 years in the making talking to fellows in the biz, This will be my first bolt.

    Damn good in-depth review and specs.

    The features checked off most of what I was looking for, minus magazine bottom metal and stock, but those features would have pushed the price range around, if not above, $2000.

    For an entry LE/MIL gun this seems to fit the $bill quite nice. Cheaper than my 6940 patrol rifle.

    Thank you!

  3. A fine rifle that keeps proving itself. Best groups are .3 moa at 100m, reliable on 6″ steel at 300 and silhouettes at 1km. Now sporting a Nightforce 20 MOA rail, Badger USMC rings, Schmidt Bender 5-25, we are routinely shooting 1km steel. A SiCo Harvester 300 is on wait until +/-
    January and will complete the package. We’ll be shooting our first PRS matches in May and August of next year. Thanks for the great customer service!

  4. I have the Remington 700 police in the 26” barrel I shoot 168 grain federal gold metal
    Match last time I went out I was benched and I sent 5 down range only saw one hole at 100yrd these rifles are the best especially taking the human equation out of it lol but I spend most of my shooting in my room dry during with a snap cap cheapest way to practice best results

  5. I purchased the Remington 700 5R 86594 detailed above about 18 months ago. The rifle is accessorized with S-B PMII 5-25, Badger M24 rings (I replaced the 0 moa rail w/a 20moa Badger rail) and SilencerCo Harvester suppressor. With factory Federal GM168SGK ammunition, it regularly shoots sub .5 moa, w/a best of .332″. I’ve done no modification to the rifle except to lighten the trigger to about 2.75 lbs – I have not yet seen a need to change anything, though I will be changing out to a box magazine to enter PRS competition this Fall. The outfit will has repeatable accuracy to 1000m if I do the work. As an amateur mid to long-range shooter, it more than exceeds my needs and ability. I could not be more pleased with the results after purchasing this rifle and SniperCountryPX was delight to work with.

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